I’ve talked about this product on the blog before in my Vichy Favorites post (here), but being my #1 favorite skin care product and the fact that it’s Mineral 89’s anniversary in a few days, I decided it needs its own tribute. I can’t stress enough how much I adore this product. If there is one staple in anyone’s skincare routine that I can recommend it would be Vichy’s Mineral 89. And before you guys get all skeptical on me, no I am not getting paid to write any of this. In my opinion, I think Mineral 89 speaks for itself, and I’m going to tell you why!

Why do I love Mineral 89?

  1. the packaging is a) stunning and b) so luxuriously heavy (multi-usable as a paper weight, ding ding ding!)
  2. paraben-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, oil-free, non-greasy and silicone-free….need I go on?
  3. 89% of it is Vichy’s Mineralizing Thermal Water which was born in French volcanoes. Um, hello super awesome back story! The MTW consists of 15 minerals that will battle your skins natural aggressors, such as pollution, stress, weather changes and anything that naturally causes dullness to your skin.
  4. It’s SO hydrating. I couldn’t believe how big of a difference this has made in my skin care routine. It’s pretty much like wearing a fish bowl full of water on your head all day. My skin loves the drink of water it gets from Mineral 89.
  5. Other than hydration, it also gives the skin a magical plump. I love this feature, especially in the mornings when I look like the Walking Dead. Thank you hyaluronic acid!
  6. It can be used alone, in combination with your regular cream (if using with another cream use Mineral 89 first, as you would a serum).
  7. Makes for an awesome makeup primer! Honestly it has the slightest tacky feeling to it before it fully absorbs into my skin, which I take advantage of by putting my makeup on top before it has time to completely absorb. I’ve found it’s really helped with my makeup staying on (and I am VERY picky with primers), not to mention my foundation looks flawless on top.
  8. It lasts F O R E V E R. I got my first bottle either last summer or in the fall (my goldfish memory doesn’t remember the exact time) but I use it regularly and I still have around 25% of the 50 ML  product left. A little goes a looong way and I only need ONE pump for my entire face!
  9. It’s only $39.95. I realize this could be steep for some people. For me it is not. At least not when this product is concerned. It. Is. Worth. Every. Penny!! 
  10. As a brand, Vichy is one of my favorites for skincare in general. I’ve yet to find a product that has disappointed me, however Mineral 89 is the best one yet. I really think they’re going to have a hard time beating this one!

Who else has tried Mineral 89? Did you like it? Did you not like it? (if you didn’t please tell me why and what your deal is because how?) xD…anyways, it’s nearly 1 am as I’m writing this and I think I’ve finally lost my marbles due to lack of sleep. Catch you on the next one!

Much love,

2 thoughts on “Vichy Mineral 89”

  1. Amazing review! I never thought this cream would be that amazing, I’ll definitely try it out!! The fact that your foundation sits well on top makes me want to buy it even more!!

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