Hi guys! Today I am writing to you about my favorite skin care product: the face mask! In particular, these 3 new masks from Vichy, each one uniquely it’s own. In the last few months, or basically ever since I started blogging, I’ve become extremely into skin care. It took me years to realize that my blotchy, red and discolored skin was due to wearing a LOT of make up and not taking care of my skin properly. Since I had this epiphany, my favorite thing to do has become putting on a face mask! At this point, I use a mask pretty much every other day as I think it’s important to use different masks for different things – it’s how I’ve gotten the best results! This is why I was super excited when I got these, because they came in a pack of 3 and are all for different skin problems! All three masks are made using Mineralizing Thermal Water, which is great for strengthening your skin.

Quenching Mineral Mask ($34.00) – this mask is designed for super dry skin and acts as a quencher (I’m sure the name gives it away!). The combination of Mineralizing Thermal Water, Vitamin B3 and Glycerin add up to ULTIMATE hydration to your skin. My skin is more combination than dry, but lately with the weather changes it has been starting to flake under my make up so I’ve been using this mask to add the moisture back. I use it at night time, usually before bed. The instructions on the mask say to leave on for 5 minutes and then rub the excess in (you can lightly dab with a tissue as well). I tried doing this the first time, but it just felt too sticky for me so I ended up washing it off after 10 minutes instead. I absolutely love the idea of not having to wash it off though, and will attempt to do it properly next time to see if it works better.

Pore Purifying Clay Mask ($34.00) – clay masks have become my new go-to for redness and acne. I’ve recently discovered the wonders of them and I firmly believe that everyone who shares my skin problems should have a clay mask in their possession! This particular mask is made up of Kaolin Clay and Bentonite Clay (I’ve never heard of either of these, so after some research I found out that kaolin clay is amazing for oily skin as it absorbs oils and helps maintain smooth skin; Bentonite clay is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals). Along with aloe vera (soothing) and mineralizing thermal water (strengthening), this mask deserves an A+ in it’s glorious combination of products that have helped pamper my skin! Just like the other one, you apply, let sit for 5 minutes and wash off.

Double Glow Peel Mask ($34.00) – this mask intrigued me the most (I know, it’s hard to choose) due to it’s ingredients like the volcanic stone. Volcanic stone is apparently (apart from sounding super cool) a great exfoliate, and combined with Vitamin C and AHA’s (alpha-hydroxy acid)  this mask is a godsend for renewing your skin and giving you the glow of a lifetime! AHA’s specialize in anti-aging and softening fine lines all while gently peeling off your dead skin, while Vitamin C brightens up your skin. To use, you don’t actually peel it off as one would think according to the name, you simply leave on for 5 minutes and wash off! As well as the others, this mask includes mineralizing thermal water. Sounds like wonderful teamwork to me! Since using the mask, I’ve noticed a significant change in my complexion and I’m actually less scared about forgetting to do my make up in the morning for work!

All in all, I’m extremely pleased with this line of Vichy masks and once I’ve used these up I think I will venture more deeply into what other products Vichy has to offer.

Have you guys used any of these? Which one is  your favorite and what results did you have? Comment and let me know!

Much love,


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