Hey guys! So I feel like ever since the Tartelette In Bloom has come out, everyone just kind of shoved the Tartelette Amazionian Clay Palette to the side, so today I’ve decided to give this original bae some well deserved lovin’!

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This was the first eye shadow I bought that wasn’t a Naked palette, and that took some adjusting I’ll tell ya! I wasn’t used to having a fully matte palette, (what do you MEAN there’s no glitter?!) but after feeling the beautiful amazonian clay-infused texture of each and every color, this palette grew on me. It’s not a palette that I normally use when I go out for a night on the town, but it is my favorite day time palette. It’s so versatile and the colors blend together in such an amazing way and each one is so neutral which I really enjoy when I go to work, or brunch or have to run errands during the day. You can wear one alone or mix and match, creating tons and tons of different make up looks!

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One thing that I would love to see improved though (and I can’t compare to In Bloom because I haven’t bought it yet) would be the pigmentation for the lighter shades. The three darkest shades (top, middle and bottom right) are very pigmented, but the lighter the shades get the less pigmented they are, and I often found myself lathering it on to make it stand out. One pro that I discovered however about the lightest shades, was that they make wonderful base shadows, and I use them all the time even when using other palettes (as I’m sure you can tell since they are the only shades you can’t see “tarte” on anymore haha). My favorite three colors and ones that I wear most often together are “force of nature,” “natural beauty” and “best friend.” ALLLLL bout that dusy rose look!

I’d love to hear comparisons from those of you who own this palette and In Bloom! Still haven’t decided whether to buy it or not so let me know down below what you think 🙂

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