HAPPY FRIDAY! Nothing excites me more than the end of a Friday workday wondering what this weekend will have in store for me! Speaking of stores, if any of you were planning on hitting up Sephora/Ulta/etc…you should pick up this Tarte “Rainforest of the Sea” Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost while you’re there.

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With this double-complex blend of algae&marine flower and water&sea salt, the H2O hydrating boost really lives up to its name. The product itself is an extremely lightweight gel moisturizer that makes me feel like I’m basically putting a thicker version of water on my face. I’m sure you think that sounds super refreshing, because it is.

I use this in the mornings before I put my primer on, though you could honestly just use THIS as a primer alone. It absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky or oily feeling and your face is smooth, soft and ready to go. The amount of product needed is very minimal as well, the gel distributes very simply so I only use a nickel’s worth for my whole face (maybe a smidge more on super dry days). I would say this is more for people with drier skin like myself, however, my younger sister also uses it and she is a huge fan (she has more oily skin).

Between all of the pro things it does (like hydrate, support antiaging, boosts tone and firmness in your skin) and it’s packaging and delicious smell, this product is a big win for a spot in the top 5 summertime moisturizers.

let me know what you guys think of this product, or any other summer-season moisturizers that you would recommend & have a great weekend!

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