So, I’m not one to really remember to carry a makeup bag around, most of the time because I’m in a hurry and forget. However, once the weather slowly enters into Spring and the days get warmer, my skin requires more touch up maintenance otherwise I end up looking like Flubber, which is why I now have my “extra” things that I don’t necessarily need to use during my original makeup routine and can just keep in my purse to prevent forgetting. So without further ado, here they are:

  1. L’Oreal Infallible Matte foundation in color 103. This is probably the billionth time I’ve talked about this foundation but I basically can’t live without it so you’ll just have to deal. If I try to go for a “dewy” look I mostly look like a deep-fried potato that you need sunglasses to look at due to the amount of grease that’s coming off it. THAT my friends, is why I love this foundation. Matte, matte, matte!
  2. What kind of person would I be if I carried around a liquid foundation but no beauty blender to apply it with? My beauty blender preference is from RealTechniques. They are amazing and such a more reasonable price point than the original BeautyBlender, AND you can usually buy them in packs of 4 for like $25-ish dollars.
  3. Another beauty from the Infallible collection, the Pro-Matte 16hr Wear Powder. I use this on top of the foundation to make it even more matte (didn’t think that was possible but it is) and I use it for touch ups throughout the day when needed. This is also great by itself as it does have pigmentation and is perfect for those super hot and sunny days when you need your makeup and grease to sit the fuck still. It also comes with its own little application sponge. How convenient!
  4. I basically like taking my concealer everywhere with me in case of emergency. Right now I’m obsessed with the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer in color L3 Warm.
  5. Because I carry my concealer around, I also insist on having the Laura Mercier translucent powder mini with me. It’s the perfect travel size and fits in my bag like a glove.
  6. I’ve recently incorporated my new Tarte Unicorn Wand powder brush as well. I still need to do a full review on this set but I’ve been lazy about washing them. This brush is incredibly soft though, and perfect for applying any sort of powder.
  7. I don’t normally bring anything to touch up my eyes because they usually stay put, but if I do touch up my eyes its usually my mascara so I like to bring my TooFaced Better Than Sex travel sized mascara with me for my lash necessities.
  8. And last but not least, I actually can’t live without this Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist (damn, that’s a mouthful). It’s my favorite. I use it to wet my brushes when applying highlighter or eyeshadow, I use it as a primer, I use it as a face refresher throughout the day and it smells amazing, and refreshes me instantly! I would bathe in it if they produced a big enough bottle.
  9. My makeup bag itself: this tends to change depending on my mood and/or season as I have tons of little bags that I used to get from Ipsy. Currently I’m using the one that’s photographed because its bright and fun, like the upcoming season!

There you have it guys, my super simple makeup bag that I regularly forget at home! I’d love to know what you guys have in yours!

Much love,

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