The other day I was putting together some new post ideas when I realized I never once posted a skincare routine post. For shame! I mean I’ve posted about tons of different skincare products but never really talked about my routine, so I’m going to do it now, a year later (forgive me).

I just recently started incorporating monthly facials into my skincare regime, and a few weeks ago I was told that I’ve been using the wrong type of cleanser for my skin type (combination) and that my redness could be a result of over-exfoliating, SO I went and bought myself a new gel cleanser as was suggested and stopped exfoliating completely just to see if it would make a difference. The cleanser I got is a purifying gel cleanser from the Aveda Botanical Kinetics line. Apparently this is more for oily skin but it’s been working great for me since my skin is combination but does lean more into the oily side than the dry. I should probably back up a bit though because this isn’t the first thing I use in my routine at night! Before I go in with a cleanser, I like to remove my eye makeup and the top layer of makeup on my skin so I go in with this Marcelle Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. It’s a gel substance as well and it actually does a really good job at removing my eye makeup without a lot of forced rubbing, so I gently massage it over the eyes and face and wash it off. This makeup remover is perfume and paraben free, hypo-allergenic, and super affordable. You can grab it at your local drugstore. Now that I’ve washed the “visible layer” of makeup off of my face, I go in with one pump of the Aveda gel-cleanser, rub it on my hands with a bit of water and then massage into my skin for a good three minutes making sure that I haven’t missed any areas, and then I wash my face with warm water.

Once my face has been washed and dried, I go in with my holy grail Glow Tonic from Pixi Beauty to tone. I haven’t tried a whole lot of toners in my life and especially not in the last 5 years (this is actually my first toner since high school probably) but I love it! I find the Aloe Vera and Ginseng to be quite soothing to the skin, and I love the glow it gives me. You can grab this at your local Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada) or Target (USA), or online if you like me, are lazy and prefer that things are brought to you like the Queen you are.

This next step I don’t do every night, I do it 2-3 times a week or as needed (but always after toner)- another product from Pixi Beauty, the Glow Mud Mask. I’m a mask hoarder so I own a bunch of masks and I’m constantly shopping for new ones but this one is ALWAYS on board. It helps with my pores, calms down my redness and acne, and helps me glow! (You can read a more detailed review here).

Last but not least, MOISTURIZE! I’ve been using Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream for a while now and I love it as a night time moisturizer (but definitely not for photographing because this jar is crazy unphotogenic LOL, at least in my house!). I find it a bit on the thick side which is what makes is awesome for night time because it is extremely hydrating but doesn’t leave any greasy residue when I wake up. I turned 25 this year and even though I started using an eye cream after 24, I wasn’t that worried by it until this year. I’m telling you guys, DO NOT SKIP THE EYE CREAM. IT IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. My current favorite is the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment w/ Avocado, and I recently was told by an aesthetician that eye cream should actually be applied right on your cheekbone as opposed to right under your actual eye- this being because products actually move upwards once applied so I’ve started doing that as well (though I still feel like I’m not doing anything if I don’t apply it to my actual bags, but I guess we’ll see). The Kiehl’s eye cream is a love of mine, it looks very thick and creamy and it is- until you actually put it on your face. It then becomes almost like a water cream and absorbs super quick. Also, I got the 15ml jar for under $40 instead of the big size for $61 and it’s lasted me for AGES soooo I wouldn’t sweat it. I mean even $38 is pricey for 15ml of product but honestly, Kiehl’s is a brand that I don’t mind splurging on because it’s such amazing quality.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post…it’s pretty lengthy lol! As always, thank you for reading!

Much love,


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