I’ve slowly been figuring out that I’m a super impulsive person who really really seems to like to change things because I get bored too fast. From my blog theme to my skin care routine, I change things more than the weather in Vancouver! I’ve changed my skin care routine way too many times to count, from acne solutions like pro-active, to natural products like Aveda, on to pretty much anything at Sephora (always obsessing over 90% of the things I get). My most recent cleanser that I’ve been using for well, almost a year actually (this is impressive!) is the Caudalie foaming cleanser. I’ve mentioned it a few times already on my blog (read here) and I really do love it. However, my newest fascination has to be the cleansing oil craze that is taking over the world!

A short time ago, I had a cake full make up on at my friends’ house and before we passed out I obviously had to go remove my makeup. This sleepover was spontaneous however, so naturally I didn’t have any of my own products (which is fine because my friend is also obsessed with beauty products). She recommended that I try the Shu Uemura Skin Purifier in the color green which is the AntiOxi+. I was a little bit worried because I wasn’t sure how I felt about putting something oil-based all over my face, especially after spending hours underneath a bucket of makeup. My doubts were proved wrong however when I caved and used it, because it was a soft lathering of magical goodness! Not only did the oil do an amazing job at removing all of my makeup really fast, my skin felt absolutely radiant and cleaner than ever. I will definitely be buying this as soon as my current cleanser is at its’ end.

Pros to cleansing oils:

  • oil based cleansers are more gentle on the skin, yet still effective (if not even more so than regular cleansers)
  • improves skins radiance and wonderfully removes waterproof mascara or tough-to-remove liquid lipsticks
  • balances the skins pH while oil-free cleansers actually strip the skins natural oils, causing it to make more oil than necessary (hence, oily skin)
  • doesn’t sink into your pores so you avoid clogging
  • full of anti-oxidants
  • this particular cleanser is enriched with a combination of moringa and green tea extracts which are marvelous for the skin, improving the overall dullness and acting as an anti-ager.

Have you guys tried this cleanser? or any other cleansing oils, that you would or wouldn’t recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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