Happy hump day my fellow beauties! I’m trying really hard to blog more often but I’m finding that the holiday season is taking up way more of my time than I thought! Also it doesn’t help that it gets dark outside while I’m at work so I can only take photographs on weekends, which are the days my husband forces me to actually do things outside hahaha. Hopefully after the holiday fuss is over I’ll have more time again, but for now I wanted to show you guys this Shu Uemura palette that I got from a friend.

This is the first Shu Uemura product that I’ve actually tried and owned. I used to see it in Sephora all the time but for some reason it never sparked my curiosity. After doing some actual reading about the brand, I learned that they are actually pretty cool! The innovative Canadian-Japanese beauty brand is all about combining natural ingredients with science to achieve a perfect, avant-garde make up look and they have been around for 50 years, pretty impressive!

This particular palette is a custom quad palette that was displayed at the L’Oreal luxe event. You can check out their similar Nude Atelier palettes here (priced at $69 each), and you can also mix and match your own, choosing from 59 refillable colors. The 4 colors in this palette are actually super pretty (3 matte and 1 glitter)! The first and lightest one is what I use as the base. It’s very pigmented and I’ve actually been using it as a base for other palettes as well. The hot pink was what really drew me in, because it looks like it is crazy pigmented (I was actually almost afraid of how bright it was going to be haha), but actually it’s a beautiful color! It definitely gives you a pop of color and you can control the pigmentation with the amount of layers that you put on. The light purple and the darker glitter purple are an exquisite combination together, and I like that they bring out the green in my eyes. Each shadow is extremely soft and velvety and has minimal fall out during application. All in all, I’m really happy with the quality of this palette especially because they’ve provided us with the option to customize it to our own personal taste.

The eyelash curler is apparently an award-winning best seller. Shu Uemura prides themselves on being an innovative brand and has amplified the design of this curler by putting in a mushroom-shaped silicone pad with a protective edge, providing exceptional curl. It also includes one refill pad. Priced at just $24, this would be a first-rate stocking stuffer for your sister, mom or even BFF.

What would you guys recommend for stocking stuffers? What is your take on customizable palettes? Let me know below! xoxo

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  1. I love the idea of a customized palette, the colours of yours is just stunning! I am so glad I came across your blog, it is so lovely, Your hard work definitely shows! x


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