This mask held my curiosity ever since Lo’real first launched them! The first ones that I saw were the blue, gray and pink however it appears that there is also a yellow one that I have yet to see in any BC store. I picked up the blue one because it says that it is great for comforting and unifying your skin which I felt I needed more than an exfoliant (pink/red) or a pore clarifying mask (gray). For $15.00 CDN this mask is a steal!

Not only is the color so pretty when you put it on (I love masks that actually have color because I think it makes me look pretty LOL), but it smells nice and makes my skin feel SO clean after I’ve washed it off! It’s so easy to apply, it spreads without any issues. I’ve been using it twice a week and I’ve noticed how much smoother my skin feels but more importantly, I’ve noticed that the redness on my cheeks has sufficiently subsided. I would definitely be interesting in picking up the yellow/gold one as well as it’s for brightening, however the gray and pink/red I pretty much already have from other brands. This is the first skincare product I’ve tried from L’Oreal and I am thoroughly impressed so I will definitely be trying more!

Much love,

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