Hellooo lovely readers! It’s the weekend and I’m (thank the Lord above) in bed chilling and catching up on some blog stuff. This week flew by and I can’t believe we’re already in February! I know a lot of people are saying January dragged on for ages but for me it actually flew by pretty quick, what with New Years, Orthodox Christmas and my Birthday one weekend after the other! I just turned 26 and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I feel like this year has so many good things in store for me!

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Before my birthday weekend I decided I need to purchase a new makeup item that I could wear on my night out with the girls, and I decided that I should get a new highlighter because it’s been aaages since I’ve bought a new one. I’ve been more into subtle/natural makeup for a while now so I wanted something subtle but still noticeable…if that makes any sense. After searching Sephora far and wide, I finally decided to grab the much talk about Fenty Beauty Killawatt highlighter in the shade Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal. I chose this shade because it looked like the one that would compliment my skin the most. What made me purchase this particular highlighter was that it had both things I was looking for: one more subtle highlight and one bangin’ one in one sleek, shiny compact.

I LOOOOVE the packaging of this product. As I said, it’s so sleek, so chic and so clean. It doesn’t feel super heavy but it also doesn’t feel lightweight and cheap- it’s right in between and I’m absolutely living for it. As for the product itself, I couldn’t be happier! I do admit it has a strange texture, unlike most highlighters I’ve touched. It feels almost hard and smooth as opposed to creamy or buttery so that was interesting to figure out which tool to apply it with. So far I like applying it best with my fingers, and I love that I can choose between a more natural highlight or a boppin’ one, or I can combine the two for a killer combo.

I ended up picking up the Fenty Gloss Bomb as well (sue me, I couldn’t resist), because I’ve been on an intense hunt for a go-to lip gloss since the summertime. After seeing this lip gloss bless the lips of so many beautiful people on Instagram I decided that I needed to try it and I adore it! I wear it almost every day now as it’s become a staple in my everyday looks for work. I love the color of the gloss, it’s absolutely stunning and I think that it will look fab on literally everyone! It is slightly sticky but not OVERLY sticky where your lips get stuck together every time you talk which I really appreciate.

All in all, after trying the Fenty Foundation and now these two products, I can definitely say that I’m excited to see what they’re going to bring out next, because so far they’ve killed it in my opinion. What are your opinions on Fenty Beauty? Please share with me!

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