I have yet to find a Pixi skincare product that I don’t like. Every single thing I’ve put on my skin has given me amazing results and I can’t say anything less for the cleansing balm.

I love using the balm in the morning because my face is generally pretty oily when I first wake up. The balm is sort of “greasy” feeling itself, but when I cleanse with it, it doesn’t leave my face greasy, yet soft and hydrated. It smells lovely too! I prefer to use this as a cleanser on a natural face as opposed to removing make up as it can be a bit tedious to wash off. I add water so it lathers very well and the thick, oily texture takes some effort to wash off, but the amount of hydration I feel afterwards make it soooo worth it!

What are your thoughts on the cleansing balm? Or just Pixi in general?

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