Happy Canada Day babes! I’m obviously in the best mood ever because a) I’m not at work and b) I don’t have to be there for three days and c) I can go shopping because there are sooo many sales right now! <3_<3

Anyways, last week my girl @thedailyvogue sent me over some Pixi by Petra beauty products to try and I have discovered that these products are  God’s gift to earth for my skin!! I’m so in love with these products that I am going to talk about each of them one by one:


  1. Glow Mud Cleanser: Definitely not like any cleanser that I’ve tried before. A deep pore cleansing mud with 5% glycolic acid and aloe vera – it’s true to its ingredients, it significantly has reduced my pores in the last 5 days that I’ve been using it…no joke! My face feels insanely clean when I use this, and I really like that it’s more of a paste-y cleanser. It feels like I”m putting something healthy on my skin for sure.



2. Glow Mud Mask: OMGGGG!!!!! I used this for the first time two nights ago, and when I woke up yesterday morning my face had ZERO REDNESS and literally ALL of my flat pimples that have been hanging around my chin and nose area
fullsizerender-2WERE GONE. This has never happened to me before with ANY product. When I was a young teen I had acne problems and I tried everything known to man- even Proactiv, and nothing worked. Now my skin obviously isn’t a teen anymore so I don’t have intense acne problems, but I do have these annoying zits that like to hang around for weeks at a time and nothing I’ve tried has made them go away UNTIL NOW. Same goes with my redness- my skin is pretty okay for the most part, but my cheeks for whatever reason are REALLY red like all the time, so lately color correcter has been my best friend. Now I think the mud mask has taken that spot, because my cheeks are 80% less red than they were two days ago!
fullsizerender-13. Glow Tonic To-Go:  So as most of us probably do, I have skipped toner in my skin routine for way too many years now! For some reason I always thought it wasn’t important or relevant, but I am now seeing that I was very wrong! Toner is an important step if you want to unclog your pores, exfoliate, remove the leftover makeup that your makeup remover didn’t pick up and in the case of the Glow Tonic pads, it brightens and hydrates your skin leaving you feeling super smooth afterwards! Another awesome thing about them is that they are travel sized and convenient to take to go!

4. Makeup Fixing Mist: This product smells sooo good because it’s infused with Rose Water and Green Tea, both of which are AMAZING for providing you with happy, healthy skin! I normally use mine after I’ve put my makeup on, but I’ve been bringing it to work with me all week and using it as a refresher spray which has been amazing! Not only does it freshen up your makeup, it’s extremely hydrating for your face and very refreshing when it’s hot out!
fullsizerender-45. Glowtion Day Dew: Yet another AMAZING Pixi product. This has to be one of my favorites by far! Apply a thin layer onto your freshly cleansed and toned skin and watch your face GLOW! It creates an instant illuminating glow, can be used as a makeup primer/lotion or you can put it on top of your makeup and slay that glow all day.

Guys, I’m being 100% serious when I say that I am like overly excited that I have found these products. Never have I ever had anything work this fast on me and give me the results I’ve been looking for for AGES now. Only thing I wish is that I could buy them in store in Canada (US & UK only) so I don’t have to wait for them to get sent over from the sister countries haha. Pixi gets a 12/10 rating from me!

Leave some feedback below &let me know if any of you have ever tried anything Pixi and what you thought of it! Have a great long weekend everyone:)

Much love,


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