I got this package in the mail the other day from Pixi Beauty- a brand we’ve all come to know and love on this blog. This time around they sent over some beautiful lipsticks and lip balms in stunning fall colors. The 3 shades of the Mattelustre lipsticks that I received are called Peach Blossom, Bitten Rose and Rose Naturelle. They are demi-matte lipsticks that provide a full coverage, really pretty color, all of which I am quite fond of actually. The formula includes peptides and hyaluronic acid as well as Vitamins C & E which I personally like in a lipstick. They aren’t super long-lasting even though they say they are, but to be honest if you’re going to eat or drink anything with them, chances are you’ll need to touch up, which to me is fine since the only time I really want a super long lasting matte lip is if I’m going out partying or something. Other then that the only other negative thing about these lipsticks is the smell! They have a horrible smell in my opinion. It smells very artificial and chemically in the tube, when I apply it however I don’t smell it, just while I am applying it as the tube is close to my nose. Besides that I quite like them, I find them to be smooth and hydrating which is a great change from these crazy matte liquid lipsticks. Each lipstick costs $6.00 USD and comes in many other shades.

(Mattelustre: Peach Blossom, Rose Naturelle, Bitten Rose)

The Shea Butter Lip Balms I love! They have a normal, fruity lipbalm-y smell to them, the colors aren’t overly intense on the lips which I like and they are very hydrating. I am a lip balm hoarder and I keep a lip balm basically in every room of my house in every different section, in every purse, etc. because my lips are constantly dry AF. They sent three shades in these as well which are Ripe Raspberry, Sweet Peach and Natural Rose (I think I just realized there is a theme with these shades for both lines lol). I like that they have shea butter and vitamin E in them so they are nourishing, protecting and hydrating my lips as well as providing them with a lovely tint of color! These are $8.00 USD and also come in other shades.

(Lipbalms: Natural Rose, Ripe Raspberry, Sweet Peach)

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*Disclaimer: these products were sent to me complimentary from the brand as PR in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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