Happy rainy Saturday my loves! I officially declared this a relax only day but then I got restless so I started taking blog photos haha. Soooo a couple of weeks ago I received my first ever PR package!! I was soooo excited especially because it was from one of my favourite brands, Pixi! I’ve blogged about Pixi tons of times by now so if you’re a returning reader you should know how much I love Pixi skin care products. I was excited to receive this travel-sized kit because I haven’t tried that much from their makeup department and for the most part I am happy with it. 

Pixi blush duo in Rose Gold – this is my favourite of the three, it’s simply amazing!! The blush portion is such a beautiful subtle rosey pink and has a glow to it so you can wear it alone or combine it with the highlighter side. The highlighter side is AMAZING. Like, I drooled when I swatched it. It’s such an elegant gold. My favourite thing to do is to combine both as one highlighter which gives off a gorgeous golden goddess vibe!

Liquid face illuminated in Pink Pearl – I was very excited for this one when I saw the kit because I thought it would make for a really great liquid highlighter. Unfortunately it isn’t pigmented enough to use by itself which was kind of a bummer. Hoooowever I wasn’t ready to give up on it so I found two different ways to use this for greatness. 1) prep for powder highlighter. Because it’s a liquid product it’s actually amazing to use underneath a powder highlighter. Definitely boosts the glow so that I can be seen from space! 2) my favourite way to use this: mixed with my day cream for a beautiful, natural glow on days I don’t plan on putting make up on. You could also pair it with a BB cream or foundation. 

Plumping gloss in Sheer Rose – this product didn’t impress me at all unfortunately. The color looks beautiful inside the tube but once applied it’s not pigmented whatsoever (at least on me) and does nothing “plump” wise. I also find it a bit on the sticky side which is a pain for my hair. I still use it because it’s a nice gloss (and I’ve started a habit of wearing gloss over my super matte lipsticks) but I don’t think I would purchase it myself.

What did you guys think of this if you also received it? What are your thoughts on Pixi make up in general? 

Much love,

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