I’ve been so obsessed with foundations and concealers lately that I’ve barely been playing with eye makeup, nor have I been buying any new palettes (for shame, I know!). Luckily, Pixi Beauty seems to always know what I need. They sent over some new makeup for autumn and at a first glance I was like “daaaamnnn girl!” Then, I also realized that each of these products were collabs with bloggers, how cool is that! If you’re interested in hearing my review for these, keep on reading!

Pixi + ItsJudyTime Eyeshadow Palette: This is your typical autumn, warm tone palette. It’s mostly mattes, but has a couple of shimmery shades. When I first saw this I was thrilled because it looks gorgeous! The shades all look so nice and you can tell they compliment each other well. I did encounter a couple of problems with this palette though. Upon first swatch they look unbelievably pigmented, yet when I put them on my eyes they aren’t as pigmented. The lighter shades actually seem to be the most pigmented, yet the three shades in the second row kind of just blend into each other and end up looking nearly the same on the eye. The darker shades run a bit patchier, but it’s nothing unmanageable (for me, anyway). The darker shimmery shades had me pretty disappointed as the pigmentation just isn’t there and they are patchy and barely show any shimmer or metallic-ness, so those are a flop. There is also quite a bit of fall out so you would think there would be killer pigmentation but there just isn’t. It does however blend out easily and works well when combined with other shadows and palettes. I do actually still enjoy this palette and make it work. I mainly use it as my “every day” palette for school or running errands and I really like the lighter shades and lighter shimmers. In this palette you get 12 shades for $24, which is a bit pricey for drug store but for me isn’t too bad. I can’t decide whether to recommend or not as I do use it nearly every day so I guess I will say, if you enjoy Pixi and like warm toned shadows then give it a try for yourself. Swatches below!

Pixi + Maryam Maquillage Strobe & Bronze Palette: Another palette I was super excited to receive! I have very mixed feelings about this palette. The highlight shades are a bit powdery but for the most part they are actually quite nice. I normally use the lightest shade but sometimes I will throw the other two shades on and they look quite nice as well. My main issue here is with the contour shades. At first, I thought there were 4 highlighters and 2 bronzers as the bottom right color actually looks like the highlighters (you can tell on the swatch too) so I started trying out the top right shade which I think is called City Kitty. This shade was such a huge NO on me. It was so muddy & patchy and just wouldn’t blend out. I didn’t even try the shade under it cause it looked too dark, but then I finally figured out that the bottom shade was also meant for contour even though I thought it was a highlight, so I gave it a try and it actually looks quite nice on me and is cool enough without looking muddy on my light skin. This palette retails for $20.00.

Pixi + Aspyn Novard Glow-y Powder in Rome Rose: The second I saw this blush I was in love. It’s actually so so so so pretty.The color is absolutely stunning. A very beautiful pink, but once you swatch it it almost looks like there is gold in it. It is shimmery so if you prefer match blushes then I wouldn’t recommend, but I personally really love this blush. It is very powdery and there is quite a lot of fall out, but I love that when you initialy put it on it’s very faint (great for no makeup-makeup looks) but you can also build it up to the pigment that you want. Actually as I was writing this, I went onto the Pixi website to see how much it retails for and found out this is meant to be a highlighter HAHA (aaaand I’m dead). Okay well that explains the shimmeryness of it, however I would never use this shade as a highlighter on my skin tone so blush it will stay! If you have a darker skin tone I actually think this would look quite lovely as a highlighter. It does look like they have two light shades however, and each one retails for $16.00.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review & swatches! Let me know what you think down in the comments and as always, thank you for being here!

Much love,

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