Happy hump day guys! I love Wednesdays because they are way closer to Friday than Monday is. Hurry up weekend!

So, over the weekend I of course was in Sephora because I actually NEEDED to buy something: concealer. Normally I use the Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard, but I decided to try something new and I’ve been DYING to try out the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer, mostly because it’s made up of 20% water and is vegan, which are two things I really enjoy about this particular Tarte line.











I also bought the airbrusher double-ended concealer brush that goes with the aquacealer. Originally this brush was not a part of my plan (the Tarte rep at Sephora put in a looot of effort with her demo so I felt bad not buying it after especially since it’s only $29.00, she totally guilt-tripped me into it!) but I’m actually really glad that I got it and here is why:

Normally in the mornings when I have to go to work, I don’t have the patience to get super detailed with my make up (I choose sleep over glam 90% of my week days haha) so I just plaster everything onto my face and use my beauty blender. This tactic is NOT working for me with the aquacealer, I’ll tell you that! The formula is so light-weight that I’m finding it soaks into my beauty blender way too much to actually provide any coverage, and my eye bags are like black when I first get up in the AM so this was problematic for me.
HOWEVER! This morning I did what the Tarte rep actually told me to do:

  1. Use the applicator and put three dots along my under-eye area.
  2. Take the small side of the brush and brush the product out
  3. Take the larger side of the brush and buff it out gently

This method worked WAY better for me and is probably why she was so insistent I get the brush.

I do actually really like the concealer as a whole, it isn’t heavy or super thick which is nice for my day-time work looks, but I think I would stick with Nars or something similar if I was going out on a weekend.

Have you guys used the aquacealer? What’s your take on it? Let me know down below!

Much love,


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