Hey guys! A few weeks back I attended the NYX AfterDark Party here in Vancouver, and received a stunning goody bag (read more about the event here), but I haven’t really gotten around to actually reviewing the products, SO I thought I would start with the Velvet Matte Lipsticks.

I’m actually really happy that they gave us these because I’ve been on a liquid matte lipstick craze for over a year now and now that I got all of these, I’ve slowly been reminded of why tube lipsticks are nicer than the liquid ones!

FullSizeRender (1)

As you can see, I received a broad range of colors, and they all look stunning! Some are adventurous, some subtle, some super fun, but one thing they share is a beautiful creamy texture, and for a tube matte lipstick, they stay on for quite a long time before re-applying is necessary! While I am a huge fan and purchaser of liquid lipsticks, I have slowly been getting irritated with how drying 90% of them are and how flaky they start to get if you re-apply the product on top. It’s extremely refreshing to NOT have to deal with that when using these velvet matte lipsticks. The colors are extremely pigmented, and I can totally see why they named them “velvet matte,” because that is literally what they feel like! Way to go, NYX!

This is a snap from a couple of weeks ago wearing “Unicorn Fur” 🙂 so pretty!



Much love,


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