So for months now, I have been wearing and obsessing over the L’Oreal Infallible Matte foundation. It’s become a permanent member of my makeup family for so many reasons (click here to read my full review on it) but naturally, being a beauty blogger means I’m the type of person who can’t sit still until I’ve tried literally every product there is to try in the world. I’d been noticing that the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation was suddenly super popular all over instagram, with so many mini insta-tutorials featuring it, and the girls in said videos looking absolutely flawless and perfect after applying this foundation so I thought “why not give it a whirl”. I felt a bit guilty about betraying my current matte sister, the Infallible, so I went and bought a new tube of it just in case the NYX one didn’t work out (and to be honest I almost hoped it wouldn’t). I also bought the NYX brush #22 to apply it with so I could compare it with a beauty blender.

I’ve got to say that this foundation exceeded my expectations, and I truly did hope that it would fail. For a $14.00 CDN price point, (that’s about $6 less than the infallible) this foundation is something made by the Greek Gods. I apply it straight to my face usually a drop at a time (so one drop per area which is forehead, both cheeks and chin) meaning I get FULL COVERAGE from 4 drops of product! The brush is really good, I quite enjoy the way it buffs the product out, giving me a flawless matte finish. I used a beauty blender with it maybe once, because the primer I used wasn’t a great pair with the foundation so I needed to tap it in a bit more. I bought shade #10-Buff and it was a perfect match which I was relieved about because the London Drugs that I got it from didn’t bother putting any testers out. I will say one thing though, I found that if I used a more silicone-based primer, it felt a bit too oily once I applied the foundation (not right away, more so after a few hours of wear) as opposed to when I tried it with a more cream-like primer or just a moisturizer. The coverage is flawless, matte and the formula feels very light weight. I definitely recommend this to anyone who looooves a matte finish but doesn’t enjoy a super heavy formula like the Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation for example.

I also purchased the Cover FX Enhancer Drops in Sunlight ages ago after swatching it in my local Sephora and being literally blinded by how crazy pigmented this product was! Sometimes I use it as a highlighter, but to be honest my favorite time to use it is if I’m going for a casual “no-makeup, makeup” look. I mix it into my foundation to give myself a natural glow and it looks amazing so naturally I wanted to try it with the NYX Total Control too. I think its cute how they are both “drops” so I went ahead and put a drop of the enhancer on to the parts of my face that I wanted to glow, and then put the foundation where I normally do and just buffed and blended it all together using brush #22. This is my new favorite makeup hack for glowy skin because it gives me a matte finish but I’m still “dewy” and glowing like a disco ball! I’ll definitely be picking up some more shades of this product, the pigmentation and the glow are UNREAL, seriously. Check out the swatch below (100% un-edited) because it speaks for itself!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions, recommendations, feedback…the usual! And as always, thanks for reading!

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