Do you guys ever have those dry blogger spells? You know, the ones where you’ve reviewed every possible thing you have to review, don’t want to buy anything new because your makeup drawer is overflowing and haven’t received any recent PR? Well the opposite of this happened to me during the summer. I ended up buying and receiving a bunch of new stuff and then it all just piled up and I basically decided to hermit in a corner and ignore it all, hence why its taken me this long to review these 3 NIP+FAB items I received. I was actually suuuuuper excited to try NIP+FAB because I really enjoy their packaging and how the products look. I’ve also heard so many good things about them through other bloggers and the fact that they are an affordable brand that you can pick up at your local Shoppers Drug Mart is just icing on the cake. The products are from the Kale Fix collection, keep on reading to find out more!

Let me start with the Kale Fix Moisturizer. This product is said to comfort & soften dry skin. I personally, have more combination skin and when it’s that time of the month I may get a pimple or two so this could have gone either way for me. In the summer I don’t really use things that are super hydrating or for dry skin because I find they make me more oily when combined with the heat, but now that it’s colder I’m actually liking it more. I put it on normally before bed and wake up with soft and hydrated skin, but I don’t feel super greasy which is great. This moisturizer contains kale extract, Odraline and aloe vera which are meant to protect against external aggressions, improve skin texture, keep the skin hydrated, and reduce skin damage. That seems like a lot of features for one product, and to be honest I can’t say that I’ve noticed anything other than hydration and very soft skin AND that it is actually a pretty decent primer because it goes onto the skin a bit tacky which I personally love. The one thing that I’m not super keen on with this whole line in general is the scent. It’s not horrible but it doesn’t particularly tickle my fancy.

Second we have the Kale Fix Clay Mask. If any of you have read any of my previous skincare posts (and if you haven’t, you really should. No pressure), then you’ll know how obsessed I am with face masks. Like abnormally obsessed. So obviously I was ecstatic when I saw a face mask in the package. It was like they already knew me! I also rarely find a mask that I really dislike and that goes for this one too. When you disperse it around your face you can barely even see it, so half the time I forget I’m wearing it and leave it on too long lol, it feels like a face cream really. The mask is very nourishing and is rich in minerals and witch hazel. If you have oily or acne-prone skin you will LOVE this because witch hazel is amazing for removing excess oils and is widely used in acne-targeted skin care. I don’t have acne prone skin but I do get little break outs here and there which is when I whip this bad boy back out. Again, my only issue is the scent that I’m really not fond of but that is just personal preference; some of you might love it.

And lastly, we have the Kale Fix Makeup Removing Pads. Okay so considering I’m a Kirkland Makeup Wipe addict, it’s really really hard for me to enjoy any other makeup wipes. These didn’t particularly impress me. They would be super practical for traveling, which is something I won’t be doing for a while but if you travel a lot or have a trip coming up then these would work great as they are quite small and convenient in that sense. Because they are so small however, I found them impractical to use as I would have to go through like 5 to get all of my makeup off and that wasn’t even my weekend full glam! They would be useful to remove eye makeup as they are gentle around the eyes, but honestly my Kirkland ones are huge and soaked with product so I really need one or two at most to remove everything prior to my skincare routine. SO my final verdict on the wipes is that unless you are traveling, it’s not really worth it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review & also enjoyed the fact that this is the 3rd post I’ve posted in like a 3 day span which is unbelievable for me currently. Summer really had me unmotivated to blog because I despise heat. Heat turns me into a blob and I hate moving, plus the sun is shit lighting for taking a decent photo. Luckily it is now slowly getting cloudy (yassss lighting) and cooler, plus autumn usually gets me all inspired with its’ cuteness. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Much love,

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