After trying the ABH modern renaissance palette and being simply blown away, I knew I would have to purchase the Master Palette as well, even though I tried to contain myself for a while. I tried to tell myself it was nothing special (I’ve really been trying to control my urge to buy makeup unless absolutely necessary) but of course, after EVERYONE started posting makeup looks using the palette, I couldn’t help myself! (VIB Rouge free shipping…it gets me every time lmao!)


Now obviously, we all had super high expectations from Mario Dedivanovic considering he is a makeup GOD, and as far as I’m concerned, he blew those expectations out of the water! The palette retails for $59.00 CDN and is honestly worth every penny. There is a beautiful assortment of extremely great-quality (I can’t expect anything less from ABH eyeshadows), versatile colors for every occasion. The Master Palette is a very neutral palette but much more glamorous than your regular Naked 1 or 2 with its mixtures of light neutral beiges, mattes, sparklies, oranges and darker browns and black (I was thrilled that they threw in an olive green as well!)- its every girls’ simple step to looking totally Kim K-esque! I found that the colors are very long-wear when used with a primer and are very pigmented shades that are buildable. The palette comes with a dual-end brush that I did use a couple of times and while I do prefer to use my own brushes, this one isn’t too bad- definitely better than the brushes that come with the Naked palettes. I think my favorite thing about this palette is that its just so easy to give yourself the popular “no-makeup makeup look” that Mario is famous for, BUT at the same time you can glam it up instantly, making it one of the most versatile palettes I have so far come across. I am convinced that I will get a great use out of this palette and definitely recommend it to everyone.

Have any of you bought the MPBM yet? Whats your opinion of it?

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