Hey guys! So for those of you who don’t know yet, MapleBlume is a Canadian-based luxury beauty subscription box. In the box you get 6 full sized, carefully chosen skincare and beauty products. MapleBlume prides itself in selecting products that are clean, with pure ingredients, and are cruelty free. I actually heard of MapleBlume through a friend who received a few boxes as PR, and out of my own curiosity I decided to do a one-time purchase to see if it was worth the price, and honestly to discover some new products that will actually pass the ThinkDirty test!

How it works:

MapleBlume gives us two options. You can either subscribe and receive a box every other month for $120.00 CDN per month, or you can do a one-time purchase when you feel like it for $130.00 CDN. I went with the one-time purchase so I could see what it was all about without the commitment.

The products:

Root + Willow Body Butter ~ I had to start with my favorite product out of the 6. This body butter not only smells TO DIE FOR (fig + plum) but it makes my skin unbelievably soft, smooth and hydrated for hours upon hours. It is a combination of butters and oil-melts so once it contacts your skin it literally melts into it aand gives your legs a beautiful shine and glow to boot. I actually love this product so much that I’m just waiting for some extra side moola so I can order an entire set! This product retails for $27.00. Unfortunately the product is not available on ThinkDirty yet so I couldn’t find the rating.

Fitglow Vita Rich Creme ~ I actually saw MapleBlume showing this on their insta before they sent the boxes out and I was suuuuper excited because FitGlow is a brand that constantly shows up as a recommended clean product on ThinkDirty and I’ve been dying to try it. This creme is AMAZING. First of all, it smells like cherries so every time I put it on I go to heaven. Secondly, it’s truly a fantastic product. It’s neither light nor heavy, right in between and is rich in over 150 photo nutrients, vitamins and cherry brightening complex resulting in calm, nourished and brightened skin. The price is a bit high, $119.00 to be exact, and as soon as I’m not on a tight budget I will be rebuying and definitely looking into trying out more products from them like the Vita Active foundation. I tried to find the clean score for this creme on ThinkDirty but it’s not on their yet. However, the Fitglow Vita Active foundation (same line) rates at a 0 which is the best score to have, meaning the product is made with 100% clean ingredients that will not cause any harm to your skin or body so I’m going to safely assume the creme is the same. It is also vegan, nut-free, gluten-free and naturopath approved. SCORE!

Root + Willow Lip Balm ~ This lip balm is a Matcha & Mint gift from God. Just like the body butter, it smells fantastic. The balm is made of entirely organic ingredients, has a lovely buttery and smooth texture, and is extremely hydrating! I suffer from dry lip syndrome all the time so I have a vast collection of lips balms and this one instantly became my favorite and go-to. It gives my lips a nice and healthy shine while providing instant hydration. At first swipe, I thought it was hard and not smooth enough to apply easily but I realized that once the heat from your lips touches it, it melts right on and doesn’t feel oily whatsoever. This product is $8.00 and I will be picking up a few more for sure when I decide to purchase a gift set.

Vapour Organic Beauty: Siren Lipstick in the color Au Pair ~ I mentioned this lipstick a couple of posts ago (read). When I first opened it, I wasn’t too sure about the color, but then I put it on and I ended up really liking it! It’s a sheen light-medium coverage cranberry-ish color (quite similar to my actual lip color only a bit darker). I love the creamy texture as it’s very comfortable on the lips and is beautiful for an everyday natural look, which has been my go to for the last little while. It retails for $33.50 CDN which is a bit high for a lipstick, but I think it is decent for an all organic product.

Lavido Pomegranate Peel, Orange Blossom & Carrot Purifying Face Cleanser ~ This product actually came all the way from Israel which I thought was super cool. It smells great and is a very gentle face wash that’s rich in anti-oxidants like Vitamin A and includes organic carrot oil that protects the skin. To be completely honest this product sounds great but it didn’t blow me away. I find that I need to pump out a lot more product because it doesn’t lather very well and although it does leave my skin feeling soft, I never really felt like my skin was 100% clean afterwards. I do like that it is dermatologically tested and it does smell nice, but I didn’t experience the same sense of luxury as I did with the other products in the box. Price is $38.80 CDN.

Sundays nail polish in color #4 ~ as someone who is about to start nail school, I was very intrigued by this polish. The Sundays brand is based out of Manhattan and is vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic which I think is fucking rad! The color is a light pinky-nude and so so chic and adorable. I’ve had it on my toes for two weeks now and it hasn’t chipped at all which is very impressive. The price of this is a little bit high in my opinion ($24.00 CDN) for a nail polish, but if you’re someone who wants vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic products then I say go ahead and splurge!

All in all I really loved this box. The total value of everything is $250.00 CDN and I paid $130.00 so that’s not too shabby at all. I would definitely say that the box was worth it and I’ve really enjoyed playing with the products and educating myself on clean products during the testing process. I do hope that more of these will become available on ThinkDirty as my curiosity is killing me but I guess I’ll have to be patient which is nooot my strong suite! Personally, even though the box is great and is a good value, I do think $120.00 every two months is a lot of money for ME, at this moment in time. If you can handle that then I definitely urge you to give MapleBlume a try and even go and read reviews from past boxes as most that I’ve seen have been great as well & I think it’s a wonderful way to discover new brands and products that are better for our bodies and our environment! If you’re interested in finding out more about Mapleblume you can check out their website: www.mapleblume.com

What do you guys think?

*I purchased this box myself and all opinions are absolutely unbiased and my own. 

Much love,

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