This Christmas I received a whoooole bundle of Lush stuff. In fact, I don’t think I’ve owned that many Lush products in my entire lifetime haha. I’ve been horrible at “pampering” myself lately, as I’m just finding myself too busy or too tired, I rarely ever take baths, but now that I’d received so many luscious bath products, I figured it was time to plop into the tub!

I finally did last night and boy, was it ever relaxing. I used the “Shoot for the Stars” bath bomb which is a fab mix of Brazilian orange, bergamot oils and cocoa butter. It smells divine, and turns your water a very bright blue. The stars also float around separately and create a “glittering” effect in the water.



After my bath, I used the Snow Fairy shower gel which smells like vanilla bubblegum and glitters! What more can you ask for? It leaves my skin feeling cleansed, soft and smells amazing! Once I rinsed off the shower gel, I used the Snow Fairy body conditioner. Same scent, again, AMAZING. With this one, you rub it into your skin and then rinse off. (I thought it was weird an ineffective at first). I noticed amazing results when I got out and towel-dried. My skin was soft and velvety like a babies bottom! My husband was very impressed and wouldn’t stop smelling me all night haha. The other bath bomb featured in the picture below is Stardust: a glittery mix of vanilla, rosewood and bergamot which would go splendidly with the Snow Fairy line!



What are your favorite Lush bath products?

Much love,

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