Happy Thursday everyone! Hope the rest of you are actually getting some sun wherever you are, because Vancouver is a shit storm right now. HAPPY JULY…not. #rainraingoaway

So a year ago just before my wedding I went on a crazy Sephora rampage because I decided I was going to do my own makeup, and one of my purchases was the Too Faced “Born This Way” foundation. I remember buying it in a darker shade because I was slightly more tan than usual, and I also remember being head over heels in love with it! After that bottle ran out, I experimented with a couple of different foundations again and a couple months ago I went back to Born This Way (now in my paler, casper-y shade) and I remember being much less impressed than the first time (not sure if it was due to the lighter shade, but I felt it didn’t provide as much coverage as it did before). I continued to use it and a couple of days ago I realized that the bottle was finally empty! (YAY time to experiment with a new one).

I wasn’t sure which one to try next (had my eyes on the Armani Luminous Silk, but wasn’t sure if I was ready to commit to the price of it) so by friend recommendation I got the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation in shade 103 – Natural Buff. I have been wearing it for three days now, and I have to say….even the Born This Way didn’t make my face look this good! I can use WAY less product and still achieve a perfect matte airbrushed look and the coverage is really good! Even just one layer covers 90% of my “imperfections” and you can obviously always put on a tad more if you feel the need too. My skin is more combination…dry in the morning & oily by the late afternoon/evening, so when I wear foundation I usually feel it getting oily by 3 pm and have to throw some translucent powder on top to matte it back down. This has not happened with the Infallible yet at all! Yesterday I put it on at 7 am and didn’t take it off until about 10:30 pm, and it literally still had the perfect matte finish without any oiliness emerging.

I’m actually very impressed because I rarely use brands that aren’t from Sephora, but the quality of this foundation is really amazing, and for $21.99 you really can’t go wrong.

Let me know below if you guys love this product too!

Much love,


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