Happy Autumn everyone! I couldn’t be more excited that it’s finally sweater weather here in Vancouver, even if it was 18 degrees yesterday…which was slightly annoying but I’m sure those summer loving weirdos had a great time *insert eye roll*. I’ve probably already said this 800 times in my previous posts but lately I just haven’t had much inspiration or motivation to blog. I think it’s partly because I haven’t been working since January and I’ve come to realize that not having a stable schedule makes me suuuuper lazy and unwilling to do anything. Luckily that should all be changing this month and hopefully being back in a work environment (especially finally doing something I love) will help me get back on track. I’ve noticed a domino effect that has come from not having a job and that it’s even impacted my makeup routine. Being jobless, I obviously haven’t really been going out much these last 9 months so apart from the very rare girls night or family event I haven’t had much reason to go full glam with my makeup. In turn, I’ve been more focused on mastering more natural and simple makeup looks that will get me out the door and looking presentable- obviously I will talk about a couple of products that help me achieve that look in this post (aka, mini reviews as I planned to review these ages ago), but I also wanted to update everyone on whats going on and why I’ve been so inactive.

Anyways, on to the fun stuff! The first product I want to talk about is the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r foundation. YAWN. I know. Everyone and their mother has already reviewed this so I’m not going to go into a super detailed novel as most of you by now already know the whole spiel about it being Rihanna’s brand and omg 40 shades! And oh, did you know her real name is Robyn Fenty! Yeah, you get it, I know. So all I am really going to say about this is that I personally really really like this foundation. I think that it makes my skin look so beautiful and skin-like or natural, however you prefer to word it. I do find that it doesn’t last on me for THAT long, like I can see certain parts of my face getting a bit oily after 5 or 6 hours even having set that area (but it could just be the powder I’m using) however that doesn’t really bother me as I don’t mind touching up with powder as I go if necessary. I thought about ordering the foundation online but because there are so many shades and undertones to choose from I thought it would be best to go to a Sephora and get color matched. I’m color 190. I like that the foundation isn’t too thick or heavy but I also find that when I apply it with my real technique buffing brush that I only need one pump of it to cover my entire face which I think is great. If you’re someone who doesn’t need an all matte, full coverage foundation then I think you will like this one!

The next two products I want to mention are from the Dose of Colors DesixKaty collection and they are The Girls eye shadow palette and the highlighter in Fuego. I got these two products when they first launched (thank you Klaudia for being a timely CHAMPION) and I have to say, the first few times that I used both of these I really was not that impressed.

The Girls: before receiving this, I was beyond excited for it. I saw so many guru’s doing tutorials and the colors were just so unique and beautiful. Desi & Katy both made sure everyone knew that the formulas were different from other shadows and told us that Suz and Harpoon were to be used wet, while Noli and Turbosan could be used dry. The trouble that I was having though was due to the formulas and it was honestly a struggle to use them the first few times so I put them aside and tried to hide my disappointment. At this point I wasn’t sure if it was the palette or just my lacking skill set. Then, weeks later on the day of my moms engagement party I decided I wanted to do a smoky eye so I went and put on Desi’s tutorial using Turbosan and managed to create my first successful look using the palette. I was ecstatic because the look was gorgeous! After that my confidence level rose and I started playing with the palette again. Now, I literally can’t put it down. My new favorite shade to wear is Harpoon all by herself. I apply it with a wet finger and blend out the edges with a blending brush and it looks stunning alone. I also like to use Noli on my lower lash line with this look to complete it. My lesson here was if at first you don’t succeed, try try try and TRY again. The Girls is still on for sale on the Dose of Colors website so if you’re not afraid of something different and want 4 beautiful and unique shadows then I say go for it!

Fuego: This highlighter disappointed me at first as well. I was using my Sephora Pro Angled Brush #49 AKA my go-to, I always use it for highlighting brush, and I just wasn’t impressed. I don’t know if it was the brush or the formula but these two were just not getting along. When I would swatch the highlighter on my hand it would be beautiful and then I would apply it to my face and it was just MEH. So one day I was trying to see what else I could use it with other than my finger and I gave my BH Cosmetics blending brush #7 a try. The bristles are quite long and fluffy and the brush is significantly smaller than brush #49 so I gave it a whirl- and guess what? IT WORKED. Fuego found its soul mate and now my face glows to the Gods. I haven’t put this baby down since.

These three products are what I have been living and breathing for these last few weeks. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my thoughts on this and didn’t mind my super long spiel at the beginning. I never really talk about my personal life much on the internet but it’s nice to be able to just tell people what’s going on once in a while. I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween tomorrow! I know I’ll be at home watching Stranger Things, but that’s just me 😉

Much love,

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