After what seemed to be a millennium of thinking and deciding, I finally decided to get eyelash extensions. In the last year or so, I’ve seen and talked to so many people who have had them while trying to decide if I should go for it or not. Some people would say I should do it and others said don’t. What ended up swaying my decision was the amazing, affordable deal that I was offered by the lash tech who is a friend of a friend (check her out on instagram, @studiokushida) and had recently completed her lash course and needed some models. Obviously this was an amazing price tag for me so I decided to go for it, and I thought I’d share my experience on the blog and whether or not I think it’s worth it and some pros and cons.

There were a couple of reasons why I was so hesitant in getting lashes done in the first place. The first reason being the price. Now obviously, prices vary depending on who you see, but I believe from what I’ve heard the general price for a new set is between $100-$200 and the fill ends up being approximately half of that each month (again, depending on the individual and what they charge). For my current financial situation this always felt like too much even if the fills were $50 a month, adding that on top of my nails, hair, and waxing just seemed unnecessary when I could just use fake lashes for when I felt they were needed.

The second reason was that I’d heard from various people that have lash extensions is super inconvenient when it comes to washing your face, having them fall out, not being able to rub my eyes and so on. For the first few days I tried to be super careful with not letting them get wet (this was annoying to me at the beginning but now I’ve gotten used to it and I do actually wet them here and there) and I tried to stay away from wearing eye makeup for this reason as I was wary about how to take the makeup off after without ruining them. I’ve learned the easier thing to do is to use a makeup wipe and I’ve slowly mastered cleansing the rest of my face without touching the lashes. I think initially I was annoyed by these things because I wasn’t used to them, but I’ve let loose a bit more now and I don’t tip toe around them as much as I did the first few days.

I have to say that I do really like that I don’t have to wear mascara, and that my face looks nicer even without any makeup on at all. One of the biggest reasons that I wanted them to begin with was so that I could wear less eye makeup and go for a more natural look which is extremely convenient, easy and pretty. They make my eyes look bigger and I don’t feel the need for eye liner when I actually do put shadows on which I am LOVING.

Is it worth it? Honestly, this is a tough question to answer because it just depends on each individual person. If you can’t handle not being able to rub your eyes or wash your face without being careful then lash extensions probably aren’t for you. If you’re more patient then I’d say go for it. For me personally, it’s something I would consider doing again at some point (mainly when I’m able to afford the monthly maintenance) but if you’re on a budget like I am then I’d say it’s not something that is necessary. Find a good mascara and buy some natural daytime fake lashes and you should be fine. I’ve had mine on for around two weeks now and they’re holding together really well. I make sure to brush them out a couple of times a day to keep them fresh and tidy and make sure any loose ones come off so they don’t fall into my eye. I am really happy with how they turned out, they look natural but they definitely make a difference so I say if you can afford them, go for it girl!

How many of you have or have had lash extensions? Share your experiences with me 🙂 and as always, thank you for reading!

Much love,

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