Happy Wednesday beauties! I’ve been thinking about some new blog ideas, and thought I’d start doing monthly favorite’s posts. This month I have 5 and because we wear pink on Wednesday’s, here they are: pink edition!


  1. Urban Decay “Naked 3” – the third palette I ever got (guess what the first two were haha). Love the colors in this palette and the fact that it comes with so many. They glide on like butter and blend easily, each color complimenting the other. Bonus: brush included, and I like that it has a mirror on the inside! The only downfall is that they fall onto my cheeks too much when applying, so maybe I just need to use different brushes 🙂
  2. Anastasia Glow Kit in “That Glow” – This baby speaks for itself. I will never ever regret buying this. At a $52.00CND price point, this kit is a steal because you get 4 highlighters in one, hello! Golden Bronze is awesome to use as a transition from bronzer to highlighter. You can use one or two or all of them together! Downfall: only thing I can think of is that “Bubbly” and “Dripping in Gold” look almost identical but the shade is beautiful so, who cares really?!
  3. Too Faced Love Flush Blush in “Love Hangover” – I was never super into using blush until a few months ago. My sister got this one as a birthday present (obviously I stole it) and I’m basically addicted to it now. Apart from the super cute packaging and the fact that it also has a mirror, the shade is beautiful and super pigmented (start off with less product unless you’re dressing up as a clown, trust me). Downfall: none!
  4. Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Melted Jelly Donut” – Three words: Perfect. Summer. Shade. I love bright magenta lipsticks, I feel they add flare to basically anything you wear, such a fun color! I like the squeeze bottle personally, but I have a love-hate with this applicator. It’s more of a fluffy-sponge (?) type of applicator so while it is really easy to put on because of how smooth it is, I find it’s hard for me to properly line my lips because they aren’t that big and the applicator is a bit big and too round. Downfall: will bleed if you don’t use lip liner and probably a setting spray. Last time I wore it I had to re-apply a couple of times.
  5. BHCosmetics Luxe Lacquer in “Sweet Almond” – Another lovely pink shade, this one not being as vibrant as the one above, but is very nice when you’re feeling pink but want something more ‘subtle.’ The formula is very nice compared to the BH Matte lipsticks, it’s very creamy and doesn’t dry my lips out. Also super easy to apply! Downfall: not being a matte, it obviously doesn’t stay on as long, but it is easier to re-apply non-matte lipsticks since they don’t dry up and crumble.

Well there you have it, my top 5 July favorites – pink edition. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these products, or if you have any pink favorites you think I should try! Don’t forget to like & comment below, and of course follow my Instagram (@theunaverse) where I post lots of pretty pictures that I don’t always blog about 🙂

Much love,


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