Happy Autumn everyone! I know it’s been AAAAGES since my last post, work has been kicking my ass since August and I had to move, but now I finally have everything together again so back to blogging it is!

As I’m sure you’ve seen in on my blog already, I’m an Ipsy and Topbox member and receive monthly subscriptions with beauty samples (learn more here). Topbox gives you this “wishlist” option where they give you 4-5 different “boxes” that you can wish for for the upcoming month and for October I had wished for the Neostrata Acne Care box. You don’t always get the wishlist box as there is a limited supply but I ended up getting this one and I seriously regret it!! I recieved 3 products: Acne Clear Clarifying Solution, Brightening Lotion and I don’t even remember the third one to be honest as I didn’t get around to using it. I tried the clarifying solution last weekend along with the brightening lotion and 8 hours later I had the worst face rash I had ever seen. My ENTIRE face was blotchy, itchy and extremely red. In a panic, I washed it off thinking I had just had my make up on too long (I’ve never had a reaction this bad, if at all to make up though) but for the next 4 days my face was a disaster. The itchyness went away after day two, but the redness stayed and my face was dryer than it had ever been with skin flaking off for days.


Finally my friend brought me an SOS cream: Jouviance Skin Rescue. I applied it that evening before bed not knowing what to expect, and the next morning when I woke up my skin was 80% back to normal. I couldn’t believe it! It was still red but it had calmed down A LOT, and was noticeably less dry than the night before. I applied it again in the morning and today (2 days after I received it) my skin is back to normal completely. I’ve never had a product work it’s magic that quickly before and I am stunned! I will definitely be making sure that I always have an emergency bottle of this lying around in case I ever decide to put something atrocious on my face again!

Much love,


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