I first found out about IT Cosmetics when Katy (aka Lustrelux) started raving about the Bye Bye Under Eye concealer, which is currently one of my favorite concealers. You can imagine my excitement when I got a package from IT in the mail with three new skincare products! They graciously sent over the Confidence in a Cleanser, along with the face and eye cream from the same line. I’ve been using these for probably over a month now, so I thought it was time to share them with you!

Confidence in a Cleanser: The cleanser is very unique to me. It’s a hydrating cleansing serum, whereas I initially thought it was just a regular cream cleanser (my lazy ass doesn’t ever read things first) so I thought that was interesting, and also probably why my face actually feels like I’ve used a serum after washing it with this. This cleanser is very gentle, (they say it’s great for all skin types) which my skin definitely approves of. It has a very nice and soothing aroma (I smell lavender and a bit of citrus) so I actually enjoy using it morning AND night. It lathers very well so you don’t need to use a lot of product, which means that at 148ml of product for $28, it will probably last you a decent amount of time (especially if you have 24529034320 other cleansers that you rotate with like me). I like the way it cleans my face, and the way my skin feels afterwards, so I definitely like this, and would recommend.

Confidence in a Cream: I wasn’t sure about this at first because it looked quite heavy, however after using it this long I love it SO much. I use it mostly at night time because it is a bit heavier for me to use all day but there are times where my skin is drier than a prune so I use this then as well. At $48, this cream definitely has a more high-end price tag, but I think it’s worth it. It feels luxurious to me and I love using it. I’ve noticed my skin has been much more hydrated since using it, and I’ve stopped getting those terrible dry patches on my face that make me look like I’ve never heard of exfoliation.

Confidence in an Eye Cream: Quite similar to the above, however this cream is pink, because apart from hydration and attention to fine wrinkles, it also brightens your under eye. I have to be honest I haven’t noticed whether my under eyes are brighter or not (so probably not) but I do really love this cream for night time as it’s not super heavy, but very hydrating. At $38 it is pricier but I would definitely purchase it when this one runs out.

All in all, I’m really enjoying this line. I love that they all have anti-aging armor which is a concentrate used by IT that consists of collagen and hyaluronic acid (these ingredients are used in most anti-aging formulas as they help to plump the skin and get rid of fine lines). I also adore the packaging. The cream jars are quite heavy so they don’t feel cheap (considering their price tags I would expect they feel/look good), and the scent of the line is simply amazing to me.

Well I’m done. It took me a solid 5 days to write this post since I’ve been battling massive writers block, so excuse me if my writing sucks today LOL. I tried okay, I tried. I would however loooove to know who else has tried any of these, and your thoughts on them! So don’t be shy and let me know 🙂

Much love,

2 thoughts on “IT Cosmetics – Confidence Line Review”

  1. I think your writing is pretty good!! Great review, I would love to try IT Cosmetics honestly, especially their cc creams but I’ll definitely check this line out!

    1. thank you! Sometimes I feel like it’s a hit or miss when I write hahaha depending on how inspired I am. And yes you should! I haven’t tried the CC cream but I really want too! Xo

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