I first found out about the brand Hey Honey through Ipsy. I hadn’t heard of them before but there was something about their packaging that I liked right away so I just instantly had a feeling that I’d dig them. After doing some reading, I liked the brand even more. I really love that their brand goal is to create beneficial products with minimalistic routines & fast acting results that are aimed toward women who simply don’t have the time to put a huge amount of effort in to their skin care routine due to their career, family, etc (aka, our awesome woman on the go!). Their staple ingredients are honey and proposlis (which is basically the glue bees use to keep their life together). Both of these are extremely beneficial to human health as they are healing ingredients.

Some benefits of honey & proposlis:

  • balances problem skin
  • stimulates cell growth which keeps your skin strong
  • decongests pores
  • soothes and heals 

One of my favorite serums is the Hey Honey: Good Morning honey silk facial serum. It’s such a light-textured serum that spreads easily and nourishes my skin all day long. The main ingredients are: honey (duh), silk amino acids, sea buckthorn oil and Vitamin E. All of these ingredients combined, act as exceptional replenishers and skin protectors while improving your skins’ tone, and last but not least provides all day moisture and radiance. The serum can be used alone, underneath your moisturizer, or even as a makeup primer (it primes wonderfully!). It’s price point is $41 for 30 ml, and honestly I’m not sure if you can actually buy it anywhere other than their site. (If anyone knows any other places to get it please let me know!).

Another great Hey Honey product is the exfoliating honey peel off mask. I LOVE this mask because of how convenient it is. It dries really fast and like a lot of peel of masks out there, it actually doesn’t require a lot of effort to peel off. It peels off instantly! It’s my go-to when I’m getting ready in a hurry and I need something to do a quick skin cleanse before my makeup application. I’ve found no skin irritation from using this, and noticed how refreshed and radiant my skin looks after I’ve used it. The mask is recommended for all skin types and is $32 for a 50ml bottle which isn’t horrible. I still have the Ipsy sample sized versions, but I would love to get my hands on some full sized products for sure!

Which Hey Honey products have you guys tried?

Much love,

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