Haaaay girls n boys! I’m not sure if any  of you know this or if I’ve even mentioned this before but I am a face mask HOARDER. Like, for real. I have around 7 face masks currently, and I’m expecting 3 more in to arrive tomorrow and next week (muahahahaha), my friends claim that I have an addiction BUT I just can’t help it, masking just makes me feel like I’m at my own home spa, and if the mask is actually good then it makes me feel happy because I’m feeding my skin with things it needs to stay young and beautiful forever!

Sooo today I’m specifically going to talk about the GLAMGLOW Youthmud mask because I’m wearing it as we speak and I took a photo of it like a week ago so I should probably get on this. It honestly took me aaaages and ages to allow myself to spend $70 on a face mask. I had heard so many good things about the brand and the masks but for whatever reason spending $70 on a 50g jar made me cringe so hard my mouth almost froze in that position. ALAS, I ended up caving (as I always eventually do) and I bought the black Youthmud jar online on Sephora. *Sidenote: if you are reading this please ban me from online shopping.* So a million dollars later and one black jar of goo with a smell I wasn’t sure about (I like it now) here I am and let me tell you, I AM IN LOVE. 

First of all, the packaging is chic AF and makes me feel like jLo just by owning it. My absolute favorite part about this mask is that its very quick (all the glamglow masks are known as the ’10 minute facial’, we can thank the actors of hollywood for this) which is amazing because it is the perfect mask to use when you’re prepping for your make up before a night out. This particular mask is meant to exfoliate, smooth and brighten the skin and I can tell you right now that it will tingle the shit out of your face for a good 2-3 minutes at first which can be super weird for some people but don’t freak out because its supposed to do that! I’ve been using this basically every other day (it recommends twice a week or as needed) and I have to say that I’m beyond pleased with the results. My skin feels smoother and tighter and has a certain glow that wasn’t there before. In fact I was so happy with this mask that one of the three new masks I’m expecting is the GLAMGLOW GravityMud firming treatment mask.

All in all, I can definitely say the brand is worth trying (and if you aren’t sure about which mask to get, Sephora actually has a “sample set” of all the masks for a reasonable price, here).

Have you guys used GLAMGLOW? What are your thoughts? Share, share, share!

Much love,

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