Happy almost December everyone! We’ve entered my favorite time of year and I’m super excited to share some really awesome gift sets from the Body Shop with you guys! The Body Shop graciously had me come in and choose three gift sets for myself that I would like and I had a great time doing so! They really have so many gift sets with great values available that you could give to anyone really. I’ve chosen three that are of my taste and enjoyment and I’ll include some suggestions or ideas of who you could gift each one too as well so keep on reading!

The Almond, Milk & Honey Gift Set: This gift set includes four full sized products and is $46.00 CDN. (You save $19 based on if you were to purchase each item individually). It also comes in a super cute box and would make a wonderful gift for your girlfriend, bestie or mom! You get a full size body butter, hand cream, shower gel and bath milk. This line of products is also great for sensitive and dry skin types, and apart from smelling absolutely amazing, it is also very moisturizing. My favorite time to use this particular line is after a shower/bath before bed because the scent is unbelievably relaxing & calming for me.

The Vanilla Chai Festive Tin: This one caught my eye because the products come in the cutest gold tin! (Reminds me of the golden egg from Harry Potter LOL) and the products are all travel sized, priced at $28.00 CDN. The cuteness in packaging was what initially drew me into it, but once I smelled the products I was sold. These smell SO GOOD. If you have a friend who’s an avid traveler or travels for work a lot this would be a fantastic gift set! I also think this would be a great Secret Santa gift for either work or if you’re doing it in a friend group as it’s a reasonably priced set with four incredible-smelling products. In this set you receive a shower gel, a body butter, a sugar scrub and a hand cream. I love showering with this especially because my husband compliments how good I smell every time that I do!

The Moringa Ultimate Gift Set: I was drawn to this instantly as I received the same Ultimate Gift set for my birthday last year in from the British Rose line. This is definitely the ULTIMATE Body Shop gift set as you get 6 FULL sized products for only $60 (valued at $77). This to me is great for your wife (or significant other), your mom, sister or really any woman in your life that you love. The scent is heavenly (moringa is type of tree by the way for anyone who’s wondering, because I had no idea either until I brought this home and googled it lol), it’s a floral scent that is both refreshing and calming at once. I’ve never smelled anything like it before and I fell in love the second I took my first whiff. What I love about these sets is that they really have everything that you need for body prep, starting with a shower and ending with a perfume. My favorite is the Softening Body Milk. It’s a body moisturizer but it’s milky (hence the name) as opposed to a heavy cream and I love using it as a day time moisturizer.

I hope I’ve given you guys a couple of ideas for gifts this Christmas season! Thank you all so much for reading.

Much love,

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Body Shop. I have received this products complimentary from The Body Shop for consideration, however all thoughts and opinions are authentic and my own. 



  1. Okay, I need that Chai tin ASAP!!! I haven’t picked up anything from The Body Shop in forever, but clearly I’m missing out. They always have so many great gifts for the holidays, who doesn’t love the gift of getting softer skin? Hahaha!

    Love from your fellow Vancouverite – LW

    1. Girl you need it for sure! I honestly haven’t been in their for ages either LOL but I was super impressed with these new items! The vanilla chai scent is so heavenly, I’m gonna go buy the full size stuff too cause I’m almost out of the shower gel from the tin!
      Thanks for the love 😘😘😘

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