So you guys don’t know this, but I have been struggling with damaged hair since well, high school basically. I started coloring my hair in the ninth grade and pretty much haven’t stopped since. Add in all the hot tools and you get hair that feels like a haystack. In high school I would not dare leave the house without straightening my hair, and it took me ages to realize that if my hair were a person, it would dump me so hard for this mistreatment! So, I started buying different products back then to try and improve my hair but after a while I kind of just stopped because I kept encountering products that either felt inconvenient to me, or left my hair oily or greasy (most leave in conditioners).

I recently went back to brunette after bleaching my hair blonde for the last two years and you can imagine how distressed my hair has been. I decided it was time once again to start taking care of my hair, so I went out and got this Garnier Damage Eraser for distressed and damaged hair.

The damage eraser is meant to reconstruct your hairs strength and basically repair your split ends/prevent them from coming back. I’ve been using this product for weeks now and I have to say I’ve definitely noticed actual signs of life from my hair as well as shine. It also helps as a detangler because you put it in on damp, towel dried hair. In the past I’ve avoided putting anything on my roots because most of it made my hair look like it was glued to my head but this does not leave my hair looking greasy or oily at all! Another helpful part is that is acts as a heat protector which I clearly need even though I have significantly decreased my use of hot tools over the years. Garnier has other products in this line which I will definitely be trying out considering how affordable they are and the fact that Garnier has products in all kinds of stores and salons, so you can’t miss them!

Have you guys tried this line? Let me know if you know of any other products that would whip my hair back into shape!

Much love,

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  1. I’ve used the Damage Eraser shampoo and conditioner before and really liked how soft they made my hair feel. My hair was relatively healthy until I used a cheaper boxed dye and it fried my hair so bad. The damage eraser shampoo and conditioner helped get it back to normal 🙂

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