Hey beauties! Hope you’re all enjoying your summer so far. I know that I am definitely considering moving to Nunavut because of this humidity that’s hit Vancouver these last couple of days (my friends think I’m insane) but I can basically feel my skin melting off of me any time I go outside or hang out in my sauna of an apartment! It’s also a huge issue when you’re a coffee addict like me because coffee is suuuuper dehydrating and I honestly never drink water (HORRIBLE, I know), so I keep trying to add water and lemonade into the mix when I’m at work.

So, speaking of work, I thought I’d share the products that I use during the work week today! People that know me personally, know that I’m a huge sleeper. I’m basically a Snorlax and I haaaate getting up in the morning! Because of this morning hatred, I sleep in as long as possible which doesn’t really leave much getting ready time so I’ve learned how to put a decent face on in 15-20 minutes. Here is what I use:

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Primer: I ALWAYS wash my face with my Caudalie Cleanser in the morning (which you can read more about here) otherwise I feel sweaty and gross. Guilty confession: I don’t normally put day cream or primer on during the week because I’m lazy AF (but I probably should). When I DO remember to moisturize, I use my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea gel cream (here).

Foundation: My new swear-by foundation is the L’Oreal Infallible Matte foundation (here). This thing works bloody wonders! And I throw some Tarte Rainforest of the Sea concealer under my eyes (here) to cover up dem bagssss.

Contour: PFFFTT who the hell has time for this at 7 am?! I bought a bronzer from Quo recently, it’s matte and a very nice browny-bronze color. It does its job well, so it’s my go-to at the moment. Sometimes I highlight, sometimes I don’t, but when I do, I’ve started using the NYX strobing palette that I kindly received from them at their last event here in Vancouver (read more here). I’ll be doing a separate review on this palette in the future, but it’s pretty awesome!

Brows: Always & forever will use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo in medium brown with my Sephora brow brush!

Eyes: Again, way too lazy to go crazy with the effort, so I don’t use any eyeshadow at all. I do however, use my index finger and just put a bit of the NYX Strobing Palette in the corner of my eye to make me appear more awake (fake it til you make it) – paired with the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara and it’s good to go! Some mornings I will throw on some eyeliner if I for some odd reason woke up earlier than usual, and my current liner obsession is the Kat Von D tattoo liner.

Lips: LOVE using the Nivea Hydro Care lip balm to moisturize (I have one beside my bed, one in my purse and one at the office, no joke), my lips are extremely dry 24/7 and this little gem always helps me out. On more awake days I throw on a matte liquid lipstick (currently obsessing over the Kylie collection) or just a simple gloss to make my lips look bigger.

This usually takes me a maximum of 15 minutes to achieve (unless I’m literally the walking dead, then it takes 20). Maybe for my next post I’ll tell you guys about my “special events” make up products and routine…..THAAAT baby takes like 4 hours lol!

How long do you guys take to get ready for work and what products do you use? Tell me below! (and if you know of any hacks that will let me sleep even longer PLEASE do tell)

Much love,


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