Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine ended up being more rowdy than I was originally planning….I’m still in recovery mode lol! I keep forgetting that 19 year old me was waaaay better at handling hangovers than 24 year old me. #gettingoldersucks

So a couple of weeks ago I finally decided to jump onto the ColorPop wagon and I am so glad that I did! I ordered 3 different lippies and 1 lip liner, and I am mostly happy with how they turned out. Read below for more info!


Lippie Stix in “Topless:” Very matte, SUPER bright coral/orange color. ColorPop definitely lives up to its name when it comes to pigmentation, I’ll tell you that! This color is basically neon on me and I love it. TONS of compliments received at work on the color, however I am a little disappointed in the formula. I put it on at about 7:30 am, came to work, had a croissant and went to the bathroom to check what it looked like and I was pretty disappointed that a lot of it came off (most lipsticks I’ve been wearing lately have had AMAZING stay-ability), but I figured I wouldn’t hold a grudge just yet since I did eat food and just re-applied some to fix it. After lunch I looked in the mirror again and was not a fan of what I saw. It had become very clumpy and flaky and I couldn’t distribute it around my lips, so I just ended up taking it off. Luckily it came off pretty easily (don’t know if that’s good or bad at this point lol).

Lip Liner in “Lady Pencil:” This one I am a HUGE fan of. Great color, very creamy so it glides on super smooth and doesn’t bleed. Definitely recommend!

Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Bumble:” OMG one of my new favorites!! When I first ordered this color, I thought it was going to be more of a subtle coral-y red. It actually is quite red when I put it on but the color is absolutely beautiful. I paired it with Lady Pencil and really liked the ombre-ish effect it had. Muchos compliments on the color when I went out with it, it stayed on ALL night, no clumping, no flakiness whatsoever! Absolutely perfect. Would definitely re-order this one and I’m excited to try more colors.

Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in “Naked Ladies:” Again, super super pigmented color, in a stunning bright red shade! It ended up actually being a lot redder than I had imagined, but I don’t even mind because it’s such a perfect summer color! Also….literally IMPOSSIBLE to take off…I think I need like a gallon of Micellar water haha. Definitely has long stayability and doesn’t stain my coffee cup which is very nice considering it’s white.:) Would repurchase!

All in all, I was pretty happy that 3/4 of my purchases turned out great. I don’t think I will return the Lippie Stix “Topless” just because the color is so gorg, but I also don’t think I’ll be repurchasing that particular lippie again.

Throw down your ColorPop color recommendations in the comments below, I looooove recommendations!

Much love,


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