Happy Hump day everyone!

As promised on my Instagram the other day (@theunaverse), I will be writing my reviews on these three new products that I recently splurged on.

I have to say right off the top…all three SMELL. SO. GOOD. The cleanser smells sooo soothing (probably because of the sage & chamomile), the beauty elixir has astringent mint as one of the ingredients which is extremely helpful in the morning to wake me up from hibernation, and the rose water speaks for itself.

So, I’ve been using these for a couple of days now, and so far I am definitely in love. The foaming cleanser makes my face feel super soft, and it’s very gentle. Lately my skin has been a little bit red and irritable and I’ve already noticed how much more calm it’s been since I started using this. I’ve also noticed more radiance in my skin tone which makes me happy as my goal is to get my skin to a point where I can feel okay wearing less face makeup.

The beauty elixir for me personally, does wonders. Apart from making me feel awake and refreshed, the smoothness and softness that I feel is amazing! I found that using this before my moisturizer and after putting all my make up on, has actually reduced my foundation from getting oily in the afternoon. It feels a bit pricey to many people at $19.00 per bottle but I find it totally worth it!

Herbivore’s Rose Water I have only just tried this morning so I will have to review this one separately once I’ve seen some more results, but I can definitely see myself taking this with my in my bag to the beach as a refresher for my naked beach skin! What drew me to this was how natural all of the ingredients are, and that there is no alcohol in it whatsoever! (Alcohol makes my skin nuts).

Comment below and let me know if you’ve ever used any of these products and what you think of them!

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