We all know that Anastasia Beverly Hills pretty much owns the brow game. I’m sure that many of you use and own one or more of her brow products and love them! I am also one of those people. I’ve been using ABH brow products for over two years and have been pretty loyal to them uuuntil I finally went through my little Chanel bag full of Sephora samples and found this Gimme Brow Fibre Gel from Benefit.

I got (and then later bought) shade number 3 which is the medium shade (It has three shades in total, 1, 3 and 5). I always fill/line my brows with my ABH Brow Whiz so I wanted to use the Benefit sample on top as a gel thinking it was just clear. After I took out the sample wand I realized this was actually colored and put it on anyways to see what it looked like. I looooved the combo! It really helped keep my brows in place while giving them a thicker, more natural look and was very helpful in shaping. I also like to use it at the beginning of my brow to help create a natural fade. The gel is micro-fibre so it’s supposed to create a thick natural brow however when I tried it by itself I wasn’t too keen on it (this is probably because my eyebrows are a disaster at the moment) but I definitely think that anyone who has a nice natural, properly shaped brow would really like this by itself as well. I went out and bought it the other day. It retails for $16.00 CDN at Sephora. I definitely recommend this and I’m thinking about trying out some of their other brow products now as well!

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