Hey beauties! It’s been a pretty hot summer here in Vancouver (I’m sure some people would disagree but I’m melting!) so I thought I would do this months favorites about a few products that I like using in the summer to achieve a natural, glowy day-time look.

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  1. NYX Strobe Genius Palette – this stunner I actually received from NYX at their NYX AfterDark event here in Vancity, and I have to admit it’s a beautiful product! You get 7 delightful, creamy and beautiful shades to mix and match or use by themselves, and the glow is out of this world! (I swear I can be seen from space with this on my face!) I like using multiple shades at once, and sometimes I even use them all the feel super glow-tastic!
  2. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue BB Cream in Birch 1.5 – I feel like BareMinerals doesn’t get enough credit sometimes, but their products are amazing and a lot more healthy for your skin than other products out there. This BB cream is called a tinted hydrating gel cream. It’s super hydrated, and the color is a perfect match for my skin. I started using BB creams when summer started because I wanted something that would help me get ready faster. It’s much easier to throw this on your face in the morning because it’s two steps in one (moisturizer and covers your “flaws”) AND it’s SPF 30 which is amazing, especially when the sun is out.
  3. Bare Minerals Pure Radiance Loose Powder – this is almost like a highlighter by itself and can be used as one, however I always use it with the BB Cream because it mattifies the product and gives you the most radiant glow ever! I don’t even put much technique in it, I basically just thrust my brush into it and then smother it all over my face. I’ve received sooo many compliments when I’ve this combination of products!
  4. Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Bronze-03 – I redeemed some Sephora points not too long ago for a box of LM products and this was one of them. It’s a lovely matte bronzer with the peeerfect amount of pigmentation for a subtle daytime look. Normally I apply two layers to keep it simple but the bronzer is buildable if you want a stronger look as well.
  5. My Makeup Brush Set Oval Brush – A couple of months ago I was oggling the Artis brushes but couldn’t justify spending $300+ for a set of brushes, and then I found these on Groupon. I thought I’d try them to get a feel of the brush since it’s totally different from the brushes I’m used too. I’ll be doing a separate review on these once I’ve used them all, but so far I use this one the most. I use it to apply foundation, or blend product when I’m at the end of my makeup application and the brushes are super soft and easy to use when you get the hang of them. Also, they’re a steal at about $35 from Groupon and you get 10!
  6. Seraphine Botanicals Blush in Happy Hibiscus – sooo, as I’m writing this I just realized this is actually a blush, lol! I’ve actually been using it as an eyeshadow and I LOVE it. The color is stunning, it’s a beautiful orangey-brown and it’s glowey so it completes the look. I’m obsessed with orange eyeshadows right now and was really excited when I received this in my Ipsy bag because I find that orange shadows look amazing when you wear them alone and just put on mascara or lashes!

I really hope you guys try some of these and give me some of your recommendations for achieving pretty, natural looks! Also, I just joined BlogLovin recently and think that we should be friends if you’re on it! Check it out here and go follow 🙂

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