Happy Tuesday guys! I don’t normally have beef with Tuesdays but today is the day they let all the stupid people out in to the world, so I’m slightlyyyyy grumpy. SO, I decided to improve my mood by writing about my new absolute FAVORITE eye shadow palette: Modern Renaissance – Norvina x ABH Cosmetics.


I absolutely LOVE Anastasia products. I think they’re great quality, and while they may be “slightly pricey” I’ve never felt like I was robbed of my money because I always LOVE everything I’ve bought. When Norvina first posted this palette, I just knew I had to have it…it was love at first sight. I’ve been dying to find nice orange & red shades for months, and the ones I found weren’t that pigmented, or they just overall weren’t great, so I had seriously high hopes for this one. Boy they didn’t disappoint! Each and every single color is extremely pigmented, creamy and beautiful. They glide onto my eyelids (with or without primer) sooo easily and you don’t have to strain yourself to build up on the color at all.

The palette is made up of 14 shades – matte & shimmer mixed. There is tons of variety and sooo many different looks to create. Love Letter & Venetian Red are two of my favorites, but because of the strong pigment be careful the first time you put it on LOL.

All in all, this palette scores a solid 10/10 with me!

Let me know what you guys think of this beauty!

Much love,


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