The second I saw this glow kit, I knew I had to have it. It wasn’t even just because literally EVERYONE was buying it, it was when I looked at it and just knew that my skin needed to merge with those beautiful pressed highlighters. Anastasia Beverly Hills has become famously known for her brow products, and her insane amount of glow kits (you can’t even pick which one is the best because they’re all magic). Moonchild however, is on a whole ‘notha level, I call it the unicorn palette because it’s mystical and unique. Made up of 6 beautifully metallic shades with a chrome finish, and unbelievably pigmented, it is definitely worth the $50 price point.

This glow kit is extremely unusual due to the way the colors look in the palette itself. I know I looked at it for a while thinking “gray highlighters? Wtf?” But holy moly once you swatch that baby, that is when you realize the MAGIC that is in this kit because the colors all come out beautiful and definitely not the way you’d expect by looking at them!


in order left to right:

Blue Ice – baby blue tones

Star – ice-blue and silver tones

Purple Horseshoe – cool, bluey-purple

Pink Heart – beautiful soft pink

Lucky Clover – silver and green combo

Blue Moon – ice blue




All in all, I give this beauty two thumbs up. It’s definitely a “risque” product but I love being bold and adventurous especially when my highlight be poppin’!

Is Moonchild a hit or miss for you guys?

Much love,


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