Happy Monday blogger babes!

Today I will be RAVING about this Sally Hansen product called “AirBrush Legs.”

So, I don’t normally wear skirts or dresses often, but on Saturday I went out and decided to wear a skirt. I was in London Drugs grabbing some supplies when I noticed the Airbrush Legs product. I figured I’d give it a try since I am extremely pasty and threw it in my cart…BOY DID I NOT REGRET IT.

The bottle says to spray the product into your hands and then rub it onto your legs to avoid streaking. I tried doing it this way but I was in a hurry so I said eff that and sprayed it on directly.

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My legs have NEVER looked so good! I bought the “fair” colored one because again, I’m the whitest person in existence, but it gave me a nice golden color without going orange, NO STREAKING whatsoever, and my legs looked F L A W L E S S. No spots, no cellulite, no nothing. I have never received so many compliments on my legs like I did on Saturday night!

I also sprayed the product onto my neck, chest, and shoulders to even out my face make up, and it just did wonders! Throughout the night it was really hot in the bar that I was in, but even through my sweating, the product did not budge from my skin, it was still visible the next day when my mom complimented how great my legs look. This is definitely a product I would recommend for everyone, and will definitely buy cans and cans of it. Top quality for a drug-store price…you can’t go wrong!

Let me know if you guys have tried this and what you think, or if you’ve tried other similar products!

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