Happy almost Christmas guys! Wow, I can’t believe that Christmas is next weekend. I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet….fml. December always seems to go by so quickly, doesn’t it?

I finally ran out of shampoo a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t wait to go try a new one. I’m one of those people who constantly buys a different brand each time because I feel like if I continually use the same shampoo my hair gets bored of it after a while and stops liking it. This time I opted for the TRESemme Botanique “Nourish & Replenish” line. I felt like this would be a good line for my hair as it is dry and damaged (though not as bad as it once was, I do have to admit) so I really wanted something that would make it feel soft and hydrated. The thing that most drew me to this particular shampoo & conditioner was the coconut milk, coconut oil & aloe vera blend. Aloe vera is an amazing hair ingredient as it promotes hair growth and the enzymes that it contains actually repair dead skin cells on your scalp, and my scalp has been having issues with flakes and dryness for a while! Meanwhile coconut milk and oil have been said to be miracle workers for many things, hair hydration included! Both the shampoo & conditioner are paraben free, #bless!

This combo has been great for my hair! It smells heavenly, and I really like how they work together to leave my hair feeling hydrated, thick and overall healthy. The conditioner is pretty heavy so I recommend only using a quarter-sized amount and starting from mid-head and working down. If you put it on your roots your hair will definitely fall flat and feel heavy (but normally conditioner shouldn’t be applied at the top of your head anyways). The shampoo also lathers really well so I find I don’t need to put a lot but still get a lot of lather. Each bottle is 739 ml, which to me is a great size, and you can purchase it at London Drugs for around $7 each. This line is definitely a success for me! Have you guys tried this line? Is there any other version of this line you would recommend?

Thanks for reading as usual and Merry Christmas!

Much love,

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