It’s another dreary day here in Raincouver which under usual circumstances I wouldn’t mind that much as it would at least give me some good photo-taking lighting…but nope, even the lighting is off today! I gathered my my current favorite skin mists and laughed because I realized they were all a shade of purple and couldn’t believe I actually managed to “theme” something together. The purple gives me a total Spring vibe whereas the slight “grayness” of the photo totally describes the weather in Vancouver this spring…I’m feeling very artsy I must admit, LOL!

So first up on my list is the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. I’m sure most of you are familiar with this skin mist by now- it’s pretty popular among the MUA/youtuber community because of its beautiful, luxurious packaging, and of course the stunningly luminous effect it has on your face. The product itself is made in Japan, and the packaging truly is gorgeous with it’s lavender purple to white ombre and gold decor. The bottle is a bit heavier than most skin mists which also adds to the “high-end” feel (the $58.00 CDN price tag as well). When I first got this I was worried I had just been sucked into another over-hyped brand, and while I haven’t tried any other Tatcha products besides the rice enzyme cleanser (this was a huge no for me), I did grow really fond of the skin mist when I realized I liked my skin looking glowy and refreshed as opposed to matte all the time. As for the price point, it is definitely high up there for a skin mist and you can no doubt find a similar product for much less (keep reading and you’ll see!) but if you feel like treating yourself to a high-end, luxury feel…then this is the spray for you!

Next on my list is a product that is both old and new to me, MAC Fix+. I’ve used the original before and I’m sure a huge majority of you guys have as well cause I feel like its been around since the dawn of time. This particular Fix+ is “new” to me because I ordered the lavender-scented one from their new selection. I actually wanted the Rose or Coconut but both were sold out so I got this one instead. I use this to prime and to set my face and I got the travel sized one for $14.00 CDN mostly because I really needed it but didn’t know if I would want to commit to the scent enough to get a full bottle. The scent is a bit hard for me to describe as it is lavender but it also reminds me of a mens’ cologne at the same time, (in a good way). The formula is the same great quality as the original Fix+ so that was all good, but I think I will try and get the other scents in a travel size and see which one I end up liking the most. I love that they added scents to it by the way because this is one of the best setting sprays ever made!

Last but not least, we have the new(?) “Ready. Set, Radiant” skin mist by Tarte Cosmetics. Tarte has grown to be one of my favorite makeup brands and I love that they added skincare and body care as well because they are cruelty free and vegan friendly. Now this is why I told you guys to keep reading, because this mist is very similar to the Tatcha mist BUT it is only $16.00 CDN. That is a huuuuge price difference for a product that is very similar! In terms of weight, they actually feel about the same, and though they do look different, they are still similar as the Tarte bottle is a darker purple with gold decor. If you can’t decide between this one and the Tatcha one, keep in mind that the Tarte spray is 75ml of product for $16, while the Tatcha is 40ml of product for $58. The Tarte skin mist has a stronger cucumber smell which I’m personally not super fond of, but it gives great results, adds radiance to my face without making me look oily and sets my makeup and holds it in place!

Well there you have it guys, my current favorite skin mists for the spring. Each one does exactly what it’s supposed too and glowing to the Gods is definitely a major trend right now so you can’t go wrong here! Let me know your thoughts below and thank you for reading!

Much love,

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